Dark Alley Scene – Full Cinematic Workflow

The package contains a 4-hour long step-by-step tutorial and several asset packages that you can see below.In the tutorial we will create this scene step-by-step.The entire process of creating the scene is recorded, so the tutorial is suitable for beginners. Considering that a good part of the scene falls on buildings, and for the buildings I use my Editing […]

The Oldest View – Blender Workflow For Realistic Animation 10H

Valley View Mall is a shopping mall built in the 1970s and demolished in 2019, located in Dallas, Texas.The mall gained popularity again after the popular YouTuber and filmmaker Kane Pixels released “The Oldest View” a series where most of the action takes place in the mall underground. The Mall is a 3D replica of Valley View Mall. I […]

Cinematic tutorial Blender 4.0 – 2h 30 min

The whole process was done in blender, including the post-processing part, which was done in blender compositor. You can watch that part in the last 4 videos.

Creating Realistic Horror Scene In Blender 2h Tutorial

In this step-by-step tutorial we will try to make Dylan Dog cover realistic using the free program blender. We’ll talk about modeling, texturing, lighting, unwrapping, composition, post-processing and more.

Car, street, retro – 2 tutorials in one

In this Blender tutorial, I’m going to show you step-by-step how to create render and animation that will bring us back 50 years in time. But I also recorded a shorter one-hour tutorial where we create one more scene as a bonus. So in this master tutorial, we will create two scenes with a street and a car.

Extend photo with 3d, 2h step-by-step tutorial

Creating a fully CGI scene is fun but also a time-consuming job and requires a lot of skills to make everything look realistic. From modeling or finding models, texturing, lighting, post-processing, etc. But what if we already have a photo or video that we just want to extend with some elements? In this tutorial, we will talk about exactly that. How to extend a photo with 3D elements in a […]

Train station tutorial – 4h – step-by-step

After the tutorial in which we model the train, the time has come to create the environment in which we will place the train. We’ll talk about lighting and how to achieve the misty, cinematic look in a blender, which is the most important part of this scene. We’ll also talk about modeling, texturing, unwrapping, composition, post-processing and more. In this scene, all models and assets were created […]

From Photo To Realistic 3d Model In Blender, 3h

One of the most common tips for creating photorealistic scenes is to use high-quality PBR textures, which are mostly not free, but is this the best way? Using multiple textures photographed in different locations under different lighting conditions can result in a lot of work and an unrealistic result if the textures don’t match well with each other. […]

A quick way to model and texture anything in Blender – Train – step-by-step tutorial

When we Open blender we get defolt Cube, how to convert this Cube to high detiled realistic train?There are a number of ways you can approach modeling and texturing in Blender. In this tutorial I will talk about the approach that gives the most realistic results in the shortest time.This is a technique I learned […]

How to create cinematic art in Blender, 6h tutorial

The tutorial is separated into 30 parts with an average duration of 12 minutes to make it easier to follow. Speech-language: English + subtitlesVideo resolution of the tutorial: 2k.blend + all project files includedDuration 6h